Billiard Room
Billiard Room.JPG
Function billiards playing
Access to Trophy Room, Gaming Room and Lower Corridor
Visit #1 Information
Billiard Room.JPG
Given Energy SmallHeart.png50
Ghoulies SkeletonICON.png 2
Characters None
Rules None
Super Soups None
Weapons 1 pool cue, 1 trophy
Scares None
Super Scary Shocks None
Visit #2 Information
Billiard Room.JPG
Given Energy SmallHeart.png25
Ghoulies SkeletonICON.png 8
Characters None
Rules SkeletonICON.png 6
Super Soups None
Weapons 2pool cues, 1 trophy, 1 pool table
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The Billiard Room is a room in Ghoulhaven Hall.


The Billiard is a sqaure shaped room that contains a large billiard table in the centre. There are three doors, one to the Trophy room, one to the lower Corridors and one that leads to the Gaming room that lies opposite to the other doors. There also is a breakable trophy case to the right of the Trophy Room door with a long couch aisle in an L shape streching towards the Gaming Room door and a breakable grandfather clock next to it. Thier also is a cue rack opposite the grandfather clock that will have some Swingable pool cues. Hanging around the walls are portraits of various Skeletons with their trophies.

First Visit: Chapter 1, Scene 3

There is no Challenge the first time around, and only two skeletons stand between Cooper and the exit. Cooper has 50 Heart Points. The Bonus Book is located on the left from the start, where the couches meet.

Second Visit: Chapter 1, Scene 5

This time, as Cooper enters the room, Baron von Ghoul interrupts Cooper and messes with his Heart points. He also arrogantly announces that he will be doing this from now on. As Cooper approaches the door, it slams shut and a Challenge is initiated. Cooper must defeat 8 Skeletons to escape. After he defeats three Skeletons, the Pool Table becomes useable. Try to lure the Skeletons toward the table to get the best results. Cooper gets 25 Heart Pints in this room. The Bonus Book is located on in between the couch and the grandfather clock.


  • There are portraits in this room of the Skeletons featured in the movie playing in the Cinema.