• Neon320

    Add Badges?

    August 5, 2012 by Neon320

    I think adding badges to this wiki (and changing the pics and words of the badges) would be a nice addition to helping out the wiki :D

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  • OwnerMan

    Shaping Ghoulipedia

    September 17, 2011 by OwnerMan

    I believe by organising and structuring Ghoulipedia we can make it not only a good source of Ghouly imformation but the best source.

    I don't want to sound all commando but I think a wiki with properly shaped pages can be clear to any one who sees them.

    Ghoulies should have:

    • Name (obvisiously but in a singular form not a plural)
    • First Appearance (what room? what visit? what chapter?)
    • Description of Appearance (should be sectioned)
    • Heart Point Amount
    • Order of first encounter compared to other ghoulies (This is the seventh ghouly encountered)
    • Behaviour section
    • Attacks (in Behaviour)
    • What Heart Point damage does their attacks do.
    • Any extra behaviours (do they dance?)
    • Theme Music (if any)
    • Trivia (any extra imformation)

    I've recently put Infoboxes for the Gho…

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  • TheMG

    I have way too much responsibility. I am an admin on 15 wikis. This is why I believe I must quit on many of them. I will still visit on occasions, but will no longer be an admin. I will still be an admin on the following wikis and why:

    • Wikitroid: Where I started out
    • MarioWiki: Just got b'crat status
    • Pokemon Wiki: This wiki has A LOT of vandalism.
    • Chibi Robo Wiki: I founded this wiki.
    • Gaming Music Wiki: Same as Chibi Robo
    • Super Monkey Ball Wiki: Same as Chibi Robo and Gaming Music
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