A Bonus Book is a book with the Rareware logo on it. Every time a room is entered, it has one hidden somewhere in it. Every 5 books gets Cooper a Bonus Challenge.

The Cover of a Bonus Book


Here is a list of all Bonus Book locations. Missing locations will be added soon.

Chapter 1: The Rescue
1. Grand Hall: On the stairs
2. Trophy Room: Just outside of the exit door (collected automatically at the end of the room)
3. Billiard Room: In the corner next to the trophy
4. Gaming Room: On a rocking chair near the television
5. Billiard Room: On the left of the grandfather clock
6. Lower Corridors: Behind a pillar near the bars
7. Cinema: On a large shelf to the left of the fireplace
8. Gaming Room: In the playpen
9. Basement: In a sarcophagus towards the end of the corridor
10. Relic Store: On the ground cornered by two green crates towards the middle of the room
11. Ye Olde Archives: On a cardboard box near the exit door
12. Cellar: Behind a blue crate in the upper-left corner

Chapter 2: The Restoration
1. Kitchen: On a stove across from the entrance door
2. Scullery: In the old-fashioned dishwasher to the right of the entrance
3. Lower Corridors: In a small room across from the exit door
4. Embassy Ballroom: In a hall to the left of the mummy
5. Conservatory: Behind the bench just inside the door
6. Boathouse: Behind the shelf just inside the door
7. Lighthouse Store: Too the right of the entrance door
8. Lighthouse Living Quarters: Next to the toilet on the right
9. Lighthouse Lantern Room: In the small barrels behind the railing
10. Lighthouse Living Quarters: In the bathtub
11. Lighthouse Store: Left of the entrance
12. Boathouse: In the treasure chest in the middle of the room
13. Dining Room: On the table, next to the Zombie Pirate Captain
14. Embassy Ballroom: On the table farthest from the exit door
15. Lower Corridors: In the room across from the entrance, this time hidden in a different corner
16. Scullery: In the empty sink
17. Kitchen: In the room behind the stove
18. Freezer: On a shelf
19. Garbage Yard: In a pile of garbage near the big window, sticking out of an old cabinet
20. Wood Shed: At the base of a large plant with three spiders on it
21. Farmyard: In the meat grinder near the door
22. Chicken Shed: On a bale of hay towards the back of a stack
23. Farmyard: Leaning on the fence post with the Imp on top and skeletons that jump out when you get close
24. Workshop: At the base of a table roughly strait ahead from the entrance door
25. Lower Corridors: In a jar next to the exit door
26. Pantry: In a barrel next to the exit door
27. Kitchen: Near the entrance to the Freezer
28. Grand Hallway: Held by a Haunted Painting
29. Cloak Room: Behind the curtain of the window with bottles on it
30. Sitting Room: In the grandfather clock
31. Music Room: On an accordion near a window to the side of the entrance
32. Walled Garden: Behind a windowbox in front of the porch
33. Study: On the windowsill
34. Music Room: Held by Hunchy
35. Sitting Room: Under the sofa in the corner
36. Cloak Room: In the green chest
37. Grand Hallway: On the bookshelf near the stairs
38. Kitchen: In a green shelf
39. Cellar: Behind a crate near the entrance
40. Ye olde Archives: In a small box on the floor near the exit

Chapter 3: The Riddle 1. Grand Hallway: In a jar behind a bench near the door
2. Housekeeping Store: Near the picture of a Jiggy
3. Crivens' Quarters: In his dresser near the bed
4. Housekeeping Store: Held by the Warlock
5. Grand Hallway: In front of the door to the Baron's Quarters
6. Upper Corridors: In a vase behind the mob of traitor mummies
7. Bathroom: In the toilet
8. Schoolroom: In an object next to Roysten
9. Infirmary: Next to the boarded-up door in the hidden hallway behind the dresser
10. Dunfiddlin Cottage Garden: Held by a Vampire
11. Greenhouse: Between two pumpkins towards the middle of the room
12. Potting Room: In a pot on a table near the exit door
13. Greenhouse: In a pile of mushrooms in a corner across from the entrace
14. Dunfiddlin Cottage Garden: Behind a bush OUTSIDE of the fence
15. Dunfiddlin Cottage: In the freezer that opens when the zombies come out after the warlock is defeated
16. Work Shop: In the first safe from the entrance
17. Farmyard: In the stone wheel near the entrance
18. Foundry: In the barrel next to the fire
19. Stables: on top of a box underneatha trough
20. Foundry: In the barrel next to the pile of coal
21. Farmyard: Held by a Jessie and Clyde
22. Woodshed: A medusa has it
23. Garbage Yard: In the dumpster nearest the exit (not the 360 weapon)
24. Ffffreezer: Inside a freezer where the mummy is
25. Kitchen: At the bottom of the stairs near the door to the Skullery
26. Laundry: In a washing machine
27. Servant's Dormitory: Held by the haunted door at the exit
28. Servant's Bathroom: In the metal container with the cursed mummy inside, which opens after the challenge is complete
29. Attic: Next to the dresser, around the corner
30. Grand Hallway: In the bust, near the big door at the first landing of the stairs
31. Experiments Chamber: In one of the large computers in the room with windows
32. Krackpot's Lab:In the freezer/vault where the Jessie and Clydes come from
33. Experments Chamber: In a set of locker doors
34. Grand Hallway: Behind a large green door on the side of the room

Chapter 4: The Reckoning
1. The Baron's Quarters: In a table in the bathroom

Chapter 5: The Race
1. Grand Hallway: In a jar near the exit door
2. Bathroom: In a cabinet near the toilet
3. Conservatory: In a pot near the exit
4. Dunfiddlin Cottage: In a dresser near Fiddlesworth's bed
5. Dining Room: In the pot to the right of the pivture of the werewolf on the far side of the room
6. Pantry: On a shelf somewhat out of the way
7. Relic Store: In a breakable sarcophagus standing towards the middle of the room
8. Laundry: In the second-closest washing machine from the entrance
9. Walled Garden: In a pot behind some bushes
10. Cinema: In the pot to the left of the fireplace
11. Lower Corridors: In the pot near the exit
12. In the jar on the table, to the left of the exit
13. In the dog bowl opposite the one where the girl is (on the right from the entrance)


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