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The Candle is a Permanent Weapon given to Cooper by Crivens. It is effective in defeating the Cursed and Ancient Mummies. Unlike other special weapons, the Candle works as melee weapon rather than a ranged weapon. The Candle can decrease 20 Heart Points from any Mummy (though if the mummy is on the ground, it only takes 10 points). If the candle hits the red level of its limit, the candle will no longer be lighted until it reaches the yellow level of the limit.

Levels with the Candle

Chapter 1:

Basement (given to Cooper by Crivens when he encounters the Ancient Mummy at the end of the room)

(FIRST VISIT) Relic Store

(FIRST VISIT) Ye Olde Archives (Crivens takes it back at the start of the level cutscene)

Chapter 5:

(SECOND VISIT) Relic Store (given to Cooper by Mr Ribs when he releases the mummified boy and then taken back by Ma Soupswill after he completes the challenge)

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