A challenge is a objective that Cooper must achieve to advance. It is accompanied by rules (see below)

The Door when a challenge is on.

Challenges tend to start when Cooper gets close enough to the door, however, they can begin at the start of level. When challenge starts, the door closes and a big green, slimey question mark appears on it and only when the challenge is complete that the door will open. While mostly rooms only have one challenge, another one can be suceeded after the first is complete. In some rooms, there will be a soup can that finishes the challenge for him.


Rules are guidelines that Cooper must follow if he wants to proceed to the next room.

There are two types of rules; tasks includes completing a challenge in which in the door to the next room could only be opened once the challenge is completed and the other one does not include a challenge and does not need to be followed to open the door but breaking it causes a concequence, summoning the Reaper that will chase Cooper until he leaves the room. Some rooms will have these type of rules with out even having a challenge to open the door.

Rules are assigned to specific rooms, although they are not active every time a room is entered. Multiple Rules can be assigned at once and appear as symbol on the upper left side of the screen. The rules are:


Type Requirement
OneBreed.png One Breed Defeat all Ghoulies of a specific breed.
DefeatAll.png Defeat All Defeat all Ghoulies, regardless of breed.
FindTheKey.png Find the Key Locate a key hidden within a background object.
FindTheGhoulyKey.png Find the Ghouly Key Pin down and overcome the Ghouly holding the key.
Number.png Number Vanquish a specific number of Ghoulies.
Number (Any Breed).png Number (Any Breed) Vanquish a specific number of Ghoulies of any breed.
Survive.png Survive Survive for the stated amount of time.

Consequential Rules

Type Description
Time Limit.png Time Limit Challenge must be completed within a time limit. This extra factor can be added to any of the Challenge types.
Don't Defeat.png Don't Defeat Don’t defeat Ghoulies of a specific breed.
Weapons Only.png Weapons Only Complete the Challenge using only weapons.
Don't Get Hit.png Don't Get Hit Complete the Challenge without taking a single blow.
No Damage.png No Damage Don’t damage the scenery or furniture.
Next One Different.png Next One Different Don’t defeat Ghoulies of the same breed in succession.
Limited Attacks.png Limited Attacks Complete the Challenge using a limited number of attacks.
No Weapons.png No Weapons Complete the Challenge without the use of weapons.
Don't Defeat Any.png Don't Defeat Any Don’t defeat any Ghoulies at all!


Evertime a challenge starts there is a jingle accompaning it. thumb|300px|right|The Challenge Jingle