The Restoration
Chapter 2 Title Card
Previous Chapter: The Rescue
Next Chapter: The Riddle
Story Information
Goal Collect all 3 ingredients.
Characters Cooper, Amber, Baron von Ghoul, Crivens, Ma Soupswill, Fiddlesworth, Mr. Ribs, Babs Buffbrass, Rodger the Cabin Boy
Progress Levels 13-52
Starting Room Kitchen
Ending Room Ye Olde Archives
No. of Scenes 40
No. of Rooms 25
No. of Challenges 27
No. of Cutscenes 7
Featured Ghoulies Fire Imp (3 scenes), Skeleton (15 scenes), Spider (11 scenes), Zombie (13 scenes), Haunted Chair (3 scenes), Ancient Mummy (6 scenes), Ninja Imp (6 scenes), Medusa (4 scenes), Haunted Television (2 scenes), Zombie Pirate (7 scemes), Imp (9 scenes), Hunchback (2 scenes), Flying Imp (4 scenes), Cursed Mummy (2 scenes), Vampire Chicken (4 scenes), Haunted Door (2 scenes), Haunted Painting (3 scenes), Jessie and Clyde (1 scene)
Potential Reaper Appearances 15
Permanent Weapons Holy Water Squirter (6 scenes), Ol' Edna (1 scene), Soda Pop Gun (4 scenes)
Chapter 2 is the second chapter of Grabbed by the Ghoulies, and is also the longest chapter in the game.


After Amber is transformed into a ghouly, Cooper goes to the cook Ma Soupswill for a cure. She sends him on a quest to find three ingredients. Glow worms in the Lighthouse Lantern Room, an Egg in the Chicken Shed and Dungweed in the Walled Garden. When Cooper gets the egg, it is taken by Mr. Ribs and scenes 23-27 consist of chasing him for the egg until a brief confrontation in the kitchen where Cooper discovers he's actually the cook's assistant who was assigned to get the egg. When Cooper finds the three ingredients and gives it to Ma Soupswill, she makes a mistake in the final mixture and Amber is transformed into an even worse ghouly. Ma Soupswill eventually comes to the rescue and gives Amber the right formula, returning her to human.

Ghouly Introductions

Kitchen: Fire Imp

Scullery: Zombie, The Reaper (optional)

Conservatory: Ninja Imp

Lighthouse Store: Medusa

Lighthouse Living Room: Zombie Pirate

Boathouse: Hunchback

Woodshed: Flying Imp

Chicken Shed: Vampire Chicken

Workshop: Cursed Mummy (optional)

Pantry: Haunted Coat

Grand Hallway: Haunted Painting

Study: Jessie and Clyde


Number Room Given Energy Challenges/Rules Ghoulies Super Soups
13 Kitchen 15 RIP FireImpICON SkeletonICON SuperWeaponsICON TurboCooperICON EnergyBoost1ICON
14 Scullery 40 ZombieICON TimeLimitICON SpiderICON ZombieICON KnockoutManiaICON
15 Lower Corridors 5 None HauntedChairICON BadSoupICON
16 Embassy Ballroom 15 SkeletonICON ZombieICON ZombieICON SkeletonICON AncientMummyICON EnergyBoost5ICON
17 Conservatory 20 FindTheGhoulyKeyICON NinjaImpICON FreezeGhouliesICON EnergyBoost5ICONEnergyBoost1ICON
18 Boathouse 15 ZombieICON TimeLimitICON0:30 ZombieICON SkeletonICON ImpICON SpiderICON
19 Lighthouse Store 10 FindTheKeyICON MedusaICON SpiderICON ZombieICON
20 Lighthouse Living Quarters 15 None ZombieICON HauntedTelevisionICON ZombiePirateICON
21 Lighthouse Lantern Room 10 None ImpICON None
22 Lighthouse Living Quarters 15 ZombieICON10 TimeLimitICON0:50 ZombieICON HauntedTelevisionICON
23 Lighthouse Store 10 None MedusaICON SpiderICON
24 Boathouse 30 HunchbackICON HunchbackICON SpiderICON SuperWeaponsICON
25 Dining Room 30 CaptainICON ZombiePirateICON ZombiePirateICON CaptainICON SkeletonICON SuperWeaponsICON RIP
26 Embassy Ballroom 15 ZombieICON SkeletonICON AncientMummyICON SkeletonICON ZombieICON HauntedChairICON SuperWeaponsICON
27 Lower Corridors 5 None NinjaImpICON
28 Scullery 25 ZombieICON Don'tDefeatImps ZombieICON ImpICON
29 Kitchen 15 None ZombiePirateICON
30 Freezer 15 None ZombiePirateICON AncientMummyICON ZombieICON SkeletonICON ImpICON
31 Garbage Yard 20 SpiderICON30 WeaponsOnlyICON SpiderICON SuperWeaponsICON
32 Wood Shed 3 None FlyingImpPic SpiderICON MedusaICON
33 Farmyard 35 RIP TimeLimitICON1:00 ImpICON ZombiePirateICON NinjaImpICON SkeletonICON FlyingImpPic ZombieICON
34 Chicken Shed 15 SurviveICON1:00 VampireChickenICON SuperWeaponsICON
35 Farmyard 5 None VampireChickenICON NinjaImpICON ImpICON SkeletonICON
36 Workshop 30 FindTheKeyICON RIP8 SkeletonICON AncientMummyICON CursedMummyICONVampireChickenICON SpiderICON
37 Lower Corridors 10 Don'tGetHitICON HauntedChairICON RIP
38 Pantry 15


HauntedDoorICON Don'tDefeatImps

39 Kitchen 50 None None
40 Grand Hallway 20 NoDamageICON No Challenges SkeletonICON HauntedPaintingICON
41 Cloak Room 30 TimeLimitICON
AncientMummyICON or ZombieICON or FlyingImpPic
HauntedCoat AncientMummyICON ZombieICON FlyingImpPic HauntedPaintingICON
42 Sitting Room 15 NextOneDifferentICON SkeletonICON ZombieICON SkeletonICON ZombieICON HauntedChairICON
43 Music Room 10 None SkeletonICON ZombieICON AncientMummyICON
44 Walled Garden 5 Don'tGetHitICON (no challenges) ZombiePirateICON SkeletonICON FlyingImpPic VampireChickenICON FireImpICON NinjaImpICON
45 Study 10 FindTheKeyICON ImpICON NinjaImpICON
46 Music Room 30

NinjaImpICON30 SurviveICON0:45


NinjaImpICON CursedMummyICON HunchbackICON SkeletonICON
47 Sitting Room 15 LimitedAttacksICON15 RIP HauntedPaintingICON
48 Cloak Room 5 NoDamageICON (no challenges) MedusaICON SpiderICON ImpICON
49 Grand Hallway 20 HauntedDoorICON WeaponsOnlyICON SkeletonICON HauntedDoorICON
50 Kitchen 30 RIP TimeLimitICON1:30 FireImpICON
51 Cellar 15 Don'tGetHitICON FindTheGhoulyKeyICON SkeletonICON ZombiePirateICON SpiderICON
52 Ye Olde Archives 50 None None


Grabbed By The Ghoulies - Chapter 2 (Scenes 1-9)

Grabbed By The Ghoulies - Chapter 2 (Scenes 1-9)

Part 1

Grabbed By The Ghoulies - Chapter 2 (Scenes 10-18)

Grabbed By The Ghoulies - Chapter 2 (Scenes 10-18)

Part 2

Grabbed By The Ghoulies - Chapter 2 (Scenes 19-27)

Grabbed By The Ghoulies - Chapter 2 (Scenes 19-27)

Part 3

Grabbed By The Ghoulies - Chapter 2 (Scenes 28-36)

Grabbed By The Ghoulies - Chapter 2 (Scenes 28-36)

Part 4

Grabbed By The Ghoulies - Chapter 2 (Scenes 37-40)

Grabbed By The Ghoulies - Chapter 2 (Scenes 37-40)

Part 5


  • This is the only Chapter not begin in or even after the Grand Hallway.
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