The fifth and final chapter in Grabbed by the Ghoulies. It consists of levels 88-100.


After defeating the Baron and obtaining his key, Cooper and Mr. Ribs revisit previous rooms and free the prisioners. When freeing the last prisoner in the Front Gate, the duo are overcomed by a horde of Imps. An Imp manages to knock Cooper unconscious with a dog bone and the rest devour Rib's body. Ma Soupswill comes to the rescue and defeats the Imps. Cooper wakes up to find the gate open with Ma Soupwills, Fiddlesworth andBabs Buffbrass saying their goodbyes. Cooper and Amber walk out of Ghoulhaven Hall just as the sun rises while the Baron, in his airoplane, flying after the couple who are walking towards an even larger, raining area.


  • 1: Grand Hallway
  • 2: Bathroom
  • 3: Conservatory
  • 4: Dunfiddlin's Cottage
  • 5: Dining Room
  • 6: Pantry
  • 7: Relic Store
  • 8: Laundry
  • 9: Walled Garden
  • 10: Cinema
  • 11: Lower Corridors
  • 12: Grand Hallway
  • 13: Front Gate


In this Chapter, Cooper must revisit previous rooms through their Skeleton doors. Most rooms will start with Mr. Ribs with a prisioner. Once Cooper walks up to him, the prisoner will be freed and Mr. Ribs will run back to the Skeleton door. Cooper will then (in most rooms) be given a challenge so he can proceed to that Skeleton door. The Skeletons Doors somehow are able to get Cooper and Mr Ribs to a room different than they entered. They will continue to use Skeleton Doors until the Cinema in which they use the door to the Lower Corridor. For the start of the chapter, the player is given a time limit of 13:00 minutes (or 3000 seconds in some versions) to get to the front door in the Grand Hallway in which the time limit stops and Cooper succeeds. If the player does not manage to make it in time, then they are taken back to the menu where they can replay the scenes but be left with the amount of prisoners they released to remain on their score.



Grabbed By The Ghoulies - Chapter 5 (Final)