The Conservatory is a large room in Ghoulhaven Hall with potted plants and other vegetation as well as a glass ceiling. It also contains one Unfortunate Victim of a school girl whose been tied to a plant with vines. It has doors that connect to the Embassy Ballroom, a field that leads to the Boathouse and a Skeleton Door.



Role in Ghoulhaven Hall:
Conservation for plants.
Doors to:

First Visit: Chapter 2, Scene 5

Cooper enters from the Embassy Ballroom wanting to do to the Boathouse. On his way he meets a new ghouly meditating by the Unfortunate Victim, the Ninja Imp, who will attack after introduced. When Cooper reaches the door, hordes of Ninja Imps spawn by breaking from the glass ceiling. Cooper is given a challenge, he must find the key that is held by a ghouly. The ghouly with the key is a Ninja Imp that, like other ghoulies with keys, will not attack and run from Cooper. After taking it out, the challenge will be completed and the door open.

Cooper is given 20 Heart Points and the Bonus Book lies next to the bench close to the door to the Embassy Ballroom. There are several Energy Boost! Super Soups, Freeze Ghoulies! and several throwable pot piles and wheelbarrows.

Second Visit: Chapter 5, Scene 3

Second on Cooper's journey to freeing the Unfortunate Victims is the Conservatory. Cooper will enter from the Skeleton Door to find Mr. Ribs standing along side the strapped-up girl. When Cooper approaches him he will free the girl and leave to the door that when approached by Cooper, will close, giving Cooper a challenge which has him defeating 10 Ghoulies with 10 hits. A large number of Spiders and Worms will spawn from the plants near. After finishing the challenge Fiddlesworth will enter from the door and give Cooper the Holy Water Squirter.

Cooper is given 50 Heart Points and the Bonus Book is located in the pot left of the bench near the Skeleton Door. To help with the challenge is a 360 toy box near the Skeleton Door, several swingable weapons, three Miniature Coopers! by the door to the Boathouse and if conscious about time, a Challenge Complete! Super Soup located near the bench next to the Embassy Ballroom.


  • As well as the first appearance of the Ninja Imps, it is also the first appearance of the Freeze Ghoulies! soup and the Ghouly Key rule.
  • Even if Cooper has defeat all the Ninja Imps, one will still spawn infinitely during the first visit.
  • During the second visit to the Conservatory, the Spiders will never attack but the Worms will if provoked.