Crivens' Quarters
Crivens' Quarters
Function Crivens' personal room
Access to Housekeeping Store
Visit Count 1
Crivens' Quarters is a room in Ghoulhaven Hall. It is the butler's room which Crivens works.


Chapter 3, Scene 3

When Cooper enters here, he finds Crivens hiding from a pack of Flying Imps. After Cooper disposes of the winged creatures, Crivens comes out of the closet he's been hiding in, and tells Cooper that the door to the Baron's Quarters is sealed by a magical rhyme. He says that he had the rhyme written down, but it's been torn up into three pieces and scattered around. One piece is in the Potting Room, another is in the Stables, and the last one is in Dr. Krackpot's laboratory.

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