An open door

Doors are the primary way of exiting and entering rooms. They serve as the main goal in the majority of scenes.


Most doors are roughly square, lightly-purple, and wooden with four square panels. Some doors are rounded at the stop (such as the doors in the Lighthouse, the Diner and to Baron's Quarters).

They will automatically close and become barricaded by Thorns whenever somebody enters though it. This is their idle state. When a door is open, the other side is completely hidden in pure darkness.

When a Challenge begins in the room, the door will shut completely and a glowing green question mark will appear on it. Once the challenge is completed, the doors that are intended for use will be reopened like normal. Some doors have dog-like ghosts in them that cause Super Scary Shocks. There is also a a variety of living doors called Haunted Doors who disguise themselves as real doors before they reveal themselves and the actual door closes behind them.