Dr. Krackpot
Basic Information
First Appearance Ye Olde Archives (first visit)
Final Appearance Krackpot's Lab
Chapter(s) 2 & 3
Scene Count 2
Talking Head
Additional Facts
Role Antagonist
Species Human
Gender Male
Occupation Mad Scientist
Affiliations Baron von Ghoul (employer), Ghoulhaven Hall lLaboratory (workplace)
Weapons Ray Gun

Dr. Krackpot is the resident mad scientist of Ghoulhaven Hall. He owns his own ghouly-making lab.


Dr. Krackpot has messy white hair and eyebrows with a bald spot inbetween his hair patches and wears a white lab coat with it's collar folded up. He walks around in a large mechanical legs with two levers to control them.


Dr. Krackpot appears in 2 Storybook cutsenes in the game.

First in Chapter 1 where just after Cooper rescues Amber in the Ye Olde Achrives, he comes along and uses a ray gun that transforms Amber into a hideous ghouly.

In Chapter 3, Krackpot returns when Cooper enters his laboratory, wanting to find the third and final piece of the riddle. Krackpot comes along, first willing to give Cooper the piece by handing it out. Just as Cooper attempts to take it, Krackpot lifts his hand with the riddle, taking it out of Cooper's reach. He then takes out his ray gun, turning it to a level that would transform Cooper into the ghouly that Amber became after taking the wrong cure.

Dr. Krackpot points his gun at Cooper who puts his index finger in the barrel. Just as the gun is ready to shoot, it explodes; Cooper's finger having defected the blast back at Krackpot, destroying his mechanical legs and revealing him to be a small man. Krackpot then gives Cooper the riddle piece so as long as never tells anyone about what just happened.

Bonus Challenges

Dr. Krackpot instructs two Bonus Challenges, Super Duper Super Scary Shock and Catch the Cowards.


Dr. Krackpot is apparently the only working staff member that doesn't seem to dislike or distrust Baron von Ghoul, and possibly vice versa. Though they never actually mention each other and the full extent of their relationship is never revealed, there is evidence they have some mutual respect to each other or at least an equal professional commitment as Dr. Krackpot is the creator of the Ghoulies that serve the Baron and he also has trusted Krackpot to the possession of one of his riddle pieces while he is the only staff member that doesn't help Cooper in his journey but instead worsens it.

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