Cooper fighting an Imp in the Farmyard

The Farmyard is a location that is visited several times in Chapter 2 and Chapter 3. It is connected to the Wood Shed, the Workshop, the Chicken Shed and the Foundry.

First Visit: Chapter 2, Scene 21

Cooper meets Fiddlesworth who is being terrorised by Roger the Cabin Boy. After defeating Roger, a Zombie Pirate calls upon several ghoulies to avenge his shipmate's death. These ghoulies include two Skeletons, two Zombies, two Ninja Imps and two Flying Imps. Cooper is then faced with a challenge, he must defeat all the said ghoulies in 1 minute or the Reaper will come.

Cooper starts with 35 Heart Points and there are two Extra Time! soups as well as a Dizzy Reaper! and a Challenge Complete! Soup. TheBonus Book is in the wood grinder near the wheel.

Second Visit: Chapter 2, Scene 23

The level starts off with a cutscene. Cooper returns with the Egg from the Chicken shed, just as he meets with Fiddlesworth, Mr. Ribs comes and snatches the egg away from him. At the start of the level, Mr. Ribs enters the Workshop. There is no challenge but 4 Ninja Imps spawn from the well, 2Vampire Chickens sit in a pen and won't attack unless Cooper frees them, 1 Imp who is standing up on the fence and 2 Skeletons that spawn out of the trees near the fence if Cooper approaches it.

Cooper is given 5 Heart Points and the Bonus Book is standing by a fence next to the Imp.

Third Visit: Chapter 3, Scene 17

Cooper must enter the Foundry that's gaurded by three Jessie and Clydes.

Cooper is given 10Heart Points and the Bonus Book is in a large metal wheel near the starting door as well as two Worms. Also, a One hit Wonder soup is in the wood grinder and there's 3 imps that come out of a bush

Fourth Visit: Chapter 3, Scene 21

Cooper must enter the Woodshed without challenge but make it through all theSuper Scary Shock hands around the farm.

Cooper is given 5 Heart Points and the Bonus Book is with the Jessie and Clyde in the chicken pen.