Flying Imp
Flying imp-1-.png
Basic Information
First Appearance Woodshed (first visit)
Final Appearance Grand Hallway (sixth visit)
Chapter(s) 2-3
Scene Count 9
Icon FlyingImpPic.png
Combat Statistics
SmallHeart.pngEnergy 10
LimitedAttacksICON.pngDamage -1pt (with wings)
-3pts (with tail)
No. of Hits Before Knock-Down 1
Weaknesses None
Temporary Invincibility None

The Flying Imp is a breed of Ghouly first encountered in the first visit to the Woodshed in Chapter 2. They have 10 Energy and are the fourteenth ghouly encountered in the game.


Flying Imps resemble green Imps with slightly more teeth, a longer tail and a pair of rounded wings. They have red eyes.


Flying Imps attacking Cooper in Criven's Qaurters.

Flying Imps can attack in large groups and will always remain airborne, even when they become dizzy. A flying Imp's basic attack is by coming up to Cooper and swinging their wing at him, decreasing 1 hit point if he is hit. Later into the game, Flying Imps gain the ability of diving themselves towards Cooper with the end or their tail pointed. When they do this their tail will grow to a large size and have a purple glow until they hit the floor and their tail returns to normal.

This attack can decrease 3 points, and whether or not a Flying Imp hits Cooper or any other Ghouly with this attack it will be stuck to the ground, leaving it vulnerable to a knock-back attack until after a few seconds when it will get up again.

Room Encounters

Chapter 2

Chapter 3



  • Despite being named Flying Imps, they're not the only Imp that can fly as Fire Imps have wings as well but they aren't as big.
  • Flying Imps are the fourth and final imp encountered in the game.
  • A Flying Imp can be seen in the Chapter 3 title card.
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