The Freeze Ghoulies Super soup.

Freeze Ghoulies! is a Super Soup that first appears in the Conservatory. It is represented by a light blue snowflake.

When this Soup is taken, every single ghouly in the room will freeze to the pose they were standing in. During this time Cooper can attack and defeat any ghouly as they stand helplessly. Any ghouly that's being attacked will not be able to react to it until the soup wears off and then they will be knocked back according (except for Skeletons which can shatter during the soup's effect). This can does have some disadvanges as some ghoulies won't be vulnerable when frozen, such as a Vampire who's coffin door could be closed, making it impossible to destroy her when the soup is active. The Warlock will also only be vulnerable until Cooper knocks him out where he'll be untouchable until it wears off.

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