Holy Water Squirter

GBTG Holy Water Squirter

-5pts per second
Resident Owner:

The Holy Water Squirter is a Permanent Weapon that is given to Cooper by Fiddlesworth Dunfiddlin and belongs to his nephew Little Willy. It shoots water in the direction that the right analogue stick is pressed and can also be used to whack by tapping the Right Analogue Stick in the same direction twice in succession. It has a wide range, but must be recharged when the meter becomes depleted. It is especially effective against undead Ghoulies such as Zombies, Zombie Pirates and Haunted Televisions.

Levels with the Holy Water Squirter

Chapter 2

  • (FIRST VISIT) Boathouse (given to Cooper by Fiddlesworth in cutscene before the level)
  • (FIRST VISIT) Lighthouse Store
  • (FIRST VISIT) Lighthouse Living Quarters
  • (FIRST VISIT) Lighthouse Lantern Room
  • (SECOND VISIT) Lighthouse Living Quarters
  • (SECOND VISIT) Lighthouse Store (taken from Cooper by Fiddlesworth at the start of the level)

Chapter 3

  • Infirmary (Cooper gets it when he meets Fiddlesworth at the middle of the room)
  • (SECOND VISIT) Dunfiddlin's cottage garden (Cooper swaps it for Ol' Edna with Fiddlesworth at the Greenhouse door)

Chapter 5

  • (SECOND VISIT) Conservatory (given to Cooper by Fiddlesworth after he finishes the challenge)
  • (SECOND VISIT) Dunfiddlin cottage
  • (SECOND VISIT) Dining Room (Fiddlesworth takes it back at the start of the level)
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