The Housekeeping Store is a room visited twice in the game. It has two doors, one leads to Crivens' Quarters and the other to Grand Hallway.

First Visit: Chapter 3, Scene 2

After entering the room,the player is given an challenge. The challenge involves finding the key and not killing the Haunted Television, killing it will summon the Reaper.

Second Visit: Chapter 3, Scene 4

In the second visit, the player will notice that the door leading to the Grand Hallway is still LOCKED! After smashing one of the rare items,the player will find a new boss ghoulie: Warlock.

Once the player defeats the Warlock, he or she will be able to leave, but before that, the Octo-Matic gives them a Super Scary Shock. Press the right buttons and the player will be able to exit the room.

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