Krackpot's Lab is Dr Krackpot's Ghoulie making room, located opposite to the Baron's Quarters in the Grand Hall, just further in the Experiment Chambers.

The Lab is the 84th level in the game and is visited once. It also is the last location with the riddle piece.

Visit: Chapter 3, Scene 32

The level starts with a cutscene where Cooper comes face to face with Dr Krackpot. Krackpot first seems willing to give Cooper the riddle piece but then takes out his gun, wanting to turn Cooper into a Ghoulie just like Amber. As Krackpot charges the gun, Cooper sticks his finger in the barrel, reflecting the blast back at Krackpot, destroying his mechanical legs. Krackpot, embarressed, offers Cooper the riddle piece as long as he doesn't tell anybody about this.

Immediately after the cutscene, Cooper needs to complete a challenge to progress to the Baron's Qaurters. Three Jessie and Clydes also spawn from a freezer at the begining. In this challenge, Cooper must find a key and another key in the possession of a Ghoulie without destroying any Skeletons. It's wise to defeat the Jessie and Clydes first, this can be done easier with a large 360 table in the middle of the room that can take a good protion of Heart Points (-30). There is also a large electric generator with an Invulnerability! Super Soup, a Freeze Ghoulies! Soup in a couple of jars in the second fridge, a Traiter Fever! Soup and another Invulnerability! Soup in the large caged area. There are also a few Heart Point cans in the cages and jars around the room.

Using the table against the Jessie and Clydes.

The key is located one of the eight large, cylinders near the door but beware, when breaking a one that doesn't have the key, two Worms will spawn from it. It should be noted that the cylinder with the key always changes each time this level is played.

There are two large, human sized cages. One next to the caged area, the other next to the room with the chemistry set and periodic table. The cage in next to the caged area, when broken, will release a skeleton. If that skeleton is defeated, another skeleton will spawn from the cage after it. In the other cage, when broken, releases a Vampire who has the key. Since vampires cannot be defeated without Ol' Edna, which Cooper doesn't have in this level, he must summon the The Reaper by defeating a skeleton. Then, Cooper must make the Reaper vanquish the vampire by making him touch her by standing behind her. Once the vampire is dead and the key released, the door will be opened.

Cooper is given 30 Heart Points and theBonus Book is located inside the freezer that the Jessie and Clydes spawn out of.


Krackpot's lab Walkthrough



The Jessie and Clyde theme plays when the Reaper is not present.


  • 3-4 Rare symbols appear around the base of the cylinders near the door.