Ol' Edna is a Premanent Weapon owned and treasured by Fiddlesworth. Ol' Edna is a gun with a large golden trumphet horn for a barrel with a wooden handle.

Ol' Edna


-20pts to Vampires, -5pts to Others
Resident Owner:

When fired, Ol' Edna projects cloves of garlic that explode on impact and is used to slay vampires and vampire chickens. When used on vampiric creatures, Ol' Edna takes 20 Heart Points, meaning vampire chickens who have that much amount of Heart Points can be beaten with one shot while human vampires who have 40 Heart Points need two shots. However, when Ol' Edna is used on non-vampire ghoulies, only 5 Heart Points are taken.

Levels with Ol' Edna:

Chapter 2

  • Chicken Shed (given to Cooper in cutscene before level and taken back in the cutscene after the level)

Chapter 3

  • (FIRST VISIT) Dunfiddlin Cottage Garden (Cooper swaps it with the water gun outside the Greenhouse with Fiddlesworth)
  • (FIRST VISIT) Greenhouse
  • Potting Room (Fiddlesworth takes it back after the first challenge is completed)
  • (SECOND VISIT) Wood Shed (Fiddesworth gives it to Cooper when he reaches him with the vampire near the door)
  • (SECOND VISIT) Garbage Yard (Fiddlesworth immediately takes it back at the start of the level)