A Permanent Weapon is a weapon that can only be obtained from Ghoulhaven residents. They are required to progress through the game.


Permanent Weapons are acquired in certian levels where NPCs give Cooper special weapons he can use for a number of different rooms before they inevitably take them back. Permanent Weapons can be given to Cooper at the start, middle or end of a level and can be taken back just the same. When Cooper gets a Permanent Weapon, he cannot despose of it until that particular NPCs comes to recollect it. Cooper also cannot proceed through the game without getting a Permanent Weapon if that Weapon is presented, nor can he proceed without returning it.

Permanent Weapons do not break as do Temporary Weapons, instead they have a limit on the amount of use that can recharge over a small time as long as Cooper desists using it for that time. The limit appears as a meter with three levels, a green, yellow and red level. If it's at green, its full, if it's on yellow, its on the brick of emptiness, and if it's on red, its empty.

These Weapons usually are needed to defeat a particular type of Ghouly.

List of Permanent Weapon

Name Description Damage Source Intended Targets
Candle A swingable candle that sets fire to ghoulies -20 Heart Points Crivens, Ma Soupswill Ancient Mummy
Cursed Mummy
Fire Extinguisher A basic fire extinguisher Drains Hearts Points by the second. Ma Soupswill Mr. Ribs Fire Imp
Holy Water Squirter A water gun that squirts holy water. Drains Heart Points by the second. Fiddlesworth Zombie
Zombie Pirate
Ol' Edna A brass gun that fires garlic cloves -5 Heart Points, -20 Hearts Points (vampires only) Fiddlesworth Vampire Chicken
Soda Pop Gun A gun that fires exploding soda cans -25 Heart Points Barbara Buffbrass, Baron von Ghoul All Ghoulies
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