Potting Room
Potting room massacare.jpg
Function Room for potted plants, location of the first rhyme piece
Access to Greenhouse
Visit Information
Given Energy SmallHeart.png30
Ghoulies SkeletonICON.png4 VampireICON.png2 VampireChickenICON.png2 HunchbackICON.png
Characters Fiddlesworth Dunfiddlin
Rules RIP.png 6NextOneDifferentICON.png
HunchbackICON.pngTimeLimitICON.png 1:00
Super Soups 5 Health.png 1 Health.png SSINV-1-.png 4 more secs.png 4 more secs.png 4 more secs.png 4 more secs.png
Weapons Ol' Edna
Scares 1
Super Scary Shocks None

The Potting Room is a room in Ghoulhaven Hall. It is accessed via the Greenhouse and is visited once during Chapter 3.


The Potting Room is the end portion of the Greenhouse in Ghoulhaven Hall. It is around one third the size of the Greenhouse and unlike it, the Potting Room is not for growing plants but where the plants are potted. The room contains several small pots and also several large, human-sized pots, some with or without plants and some even broken and tipped over. There are also several sacks of fertiliser, a shelf to the left of the room and table opposite to the door with the first piece of the riddle.

Visit, Chapter 3, Scene 12

Cooper, armed with Ol' Edna enters in search for the first riddle piece. After taking it with some caution as to what would happen next, 2 Vampire Chickens, 4 Skeletons and 2 Vampires all jump from the large pots the instant he takes it. The Baron becames angered at Fiddlesworth for allowing Cooper to come here. He then exiles Fiddlesworth from his Cottage and gives Cooper a challenge. Cooper must defeat 6 of the 8 Ghoulies under the Next One Different rule to proceed. After doing so, Fiddlesworth enters the Potting Room wanting to collect Ol' Edna sad. As Cooper approachs the door, a surprise challenge hits him. The Hunchback falls from above roof, breaking through the glass and falling flat on his face. Cooper must defeat him in 1 minute or the Reaper takes a visit.

The Bonus Book is inside the pots in the table on the right of the riddle.


  • During the first challenge, Vampires are the only ghouly to directly attack while Skeletons only attempt to make their move when close enough to Cooper.
  • The position of the place where the Ghoulies land after they spawn from the pots changes from each playthrough.