Roger the Cabin Boy is an individual Imp and member of the Zombie Pirates who is beloved by his shipmates.

Roger the Cabin Boy


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Roger resembles a normal Imp with size and appearance no different from any other Imp except he wears a small, white sailor hat and a white and red striped t-shirt.


When Cooper visits the Lower Corriders for the first time, Roger the Cabin Boy is seen dancing with the other ghoulies.  In the middle of Chapter 2 when Cooper visits the Farmyard for the first time, he finds Fiddlesworth being tormented by Roger. Fiddlesworth pleads for Cooper's help and when taking him out a Zombie Pirate who seems quite fond of Roger tries to get revenge by summoning many different breeds of Ghouly to attack Cooper, if they fail he will run away, since "Roger can't be brought back anyway."

Room Encounters

Chapter 1

  • Lower Corridors (unfightable)

Chapter 2

  • Farmyard (first visit)


  • Roger can be seen in the Lower Corridors in Chapter 1 behind a another part of the corridor thats barred off, dancing along with a Zombie and an Ancient Mummy. Then, a zombie and a skeleton run by into the open door.