The Servant's Bathroom is, as it's names states, is the bathroom for Crivens, Ma Soupswill, Fiddlesworth and Babs Buffbrass. It's a room with mucky green stains and two doors, one to the Servants Dormitory and the other to the Attic. It has two shower areas and a long hall of sinks with 7 toliet cubicles opposite to a large, turned-off funace. The Dormitory door is located near the funace and the Attic door is up a flight of stairs inside one of the cubicles.

Visit: Chapter 3, Scene 27

Cooper enters from the Servant's Dormitory and the Door to the Attic immediatly locks. Cooper must survive for 1 minute and 20 seconds while the Reaper will arrive in only 20 seconds. There are several Haunted Coats inside the showers and one hanging inside a toliet cubicle. Approaching them will make them hostile and defeating them on will make at least one friendly Ghouly spawn from it. These Ghoulies include Imps, Skeletons and Zombie Pirates. Breaking any of the toliets will spawn a Worm. Once the time limit is over a Cursed Mummy will spawn out of the furnace along with the Bonus Book. The Attic Door is behind a flight of stairs inside the cubicle to the right corner of the room. Simply break the cubicle door and up the stairs is the door open.

Cooper is given 15 Heart Points and there is an Super Weapons! Super Soup inside a cupbroad in next to the showers along with a broom, a 25 Energy Boost! in the cubicle to the left of the Attic Door cubicle, a Turbo Cooper! in the last cubicle in the far left, a Knock-out Mania! in the cubicle right of the Attic Door, 3 piles of throwable toliet paper in the cubicle second last to the left and a Swingable toliet brush lying by to the right of the furnace.