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(Dont) Fear the Reaper!360 WeaponA Touch of Frost!
AmberAncient MummyAttic
Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & BoltsBarbara BuffbrassBaron's Quarters
Baron von GhoulBasement
Bedtime GoryBeta Grabbed By the Ghoulies
Billiard Room
Billiard Room Bust-up!Birthday CakeBoathouse
Bonus BookBonus ChallengeBring Out The Imps!
Bronze MedalCandleCellar
Challenge Complete!ChapterChapter 1: The Rescue
Chapter 2: The RestorationChapter 3: The RiddleChapter 4: The Reckoning
Chapter 5: The RaceChicken Shed
CinemaCliveCloak Room
Cook's ChairCooperCreate a Scene
CrivensCrivens' QuartersCursed Mummy
Dining RoomDirty LaundryDizzy Reaper!
DoorDr. Krackpot
Dropper ShockerDumpster
Dunfiddlin CottageDunfiddlin Cottage GardenE3 2001 Grabbed By The Ghoulies Video
Early CooperEmbassy BallroomEnd Table
EnergyEnergy Boost!Experiments Chamber
Extra Time!FaintingFarmyard
Fiddlesworth DunfiddlinFire Extinguisher
Fire ImpFlour
Flying ImpFoundry
Freeze Ghoulies!FreezerFriday Night At the Embassy!
FruitcakeGalleryGaming Room
Garbage YardGargoyleGhost
Ghoulhaven Hall
GhoulipediaGhoulyGhouly Amber
Grabbed By the GhouliesGrabbed By the Ghoulies 2
Grabbed by the ghoulies demo
Grand HallwayGreenhouseGwenyth
HamburgersHaunted Chair
Haunted CoatHaunted DoorHaunted Painting
Haunted TelevisionHoly Water Squirter
Horror GameHousekeeping StoreHunchback
Invulnerability!Jessie and Clyde
Knockdown Mania!Krackpot's Lab
Lab TableLaundryLighthouse Lantern Room
Lighthouse Living QuartersLighthouse StoreLittle Willy
Lower CorridorsMa Soupswill
MedusaMicrosoftMingella the Guard Dog
Miniature Cooper!Mr. RibsMulti-Throw Weapon
Mumbo JumboMusic Room
Mutated GhoulyNegative Super Soup
Ninja ImpOcto-Matic
Ol' EdnaOne-Hit Wonder!Pantry
Permanent WeaponPlantPlay It Again, Son
Pool CuePool Table
Poor Ol' FiddlesworthPotPots
Potting RoomRare Ltd.
Record PlayerRelic Store
Roger the Cabin Boy
Servant's BathroomServants Dormitory
Shocker Blocker!Silver MedalSitting Room
SkeletonSoda Pop Gun
StablesStudySuper Duper Super Scary Shock
Super Scary ShockSuper Soups
Super Weapons!Swingable Weapon
Temporary WeaponThe Baron's QuartersThe Captain
The Reaper
Throwable Weapon
Traitor Fever!TraitorsTroll Monster
TrophyTrophy RoomTurbo Cooper!
Unfortunate VictimsUnnamed Imp Ghouly
Unseen Fire Ghost Ghoulie
Unseen Fish Ghouly
Unseen Plant Ghoulie
Unused Bakery RoomUnused Cabbage Ghoulie
Unused Gallery RoomUnused Ghost GhoulyUnused Museum Room
Unused Mutant Plant GhoulyUnused Observatory RoomUnused Plant Pot Ghoulie
Unused Rock MonsterUnused Skeleton PirateUnused Vampire Ghoulies
Unused Werewolf GhoulyUpper CorridorsVampire
Vampire ChickenVinesWalled Garden
WarlockWeaponWood Shed
Ye Olde ArchivesZombieZombie Pirate
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