GBTG Super Soup

A can of Super Soup.

Super Soups are specially-brewed canned soups scattered around Ghoulhaven Hall, thanks to Ma Soupswill. They act as power-ups that assist Cooper in his venture around the mansion. Each soup is represented by a specific icon that donates its respective effects hovering over a green can with Soupwill's face displayed. Super Soups are located in pre-determined positions in each scene and can usually be found sitting on the floor, if not contained within a world object that can be obtain by breaking it.

Their effects come into effect immediately as Cooper walks into one and the same icon displayed on the can will be placed on the bottom left side of the screen for the duration of the soup's effects (save for Energy Boost!, Extra Time! and Challenge Complete!) Cooper can also absorb multiple soups at the same time and their respective effects will stack. The majority of Super Soups' effects last for only 20 seconds once taken, and their effects are not carried over when Cooper moves onto another room. Super Soups are introduced during the 1st visit to the Lower Corridors.


Image Name Effect Duration
Health Energy Boost! Increases number of Energy indicated on the heart icon. N/A
Weapons Super Weapons! Grants weapons with greater damage, durability or capacity. 20 seconds
Speed Turbo Cooper! Increases Cooper's running and attack speed. 20 seconds
4 more secs Extra Time! Increases timed challenges by 10 more seconds. N/A
Kabang! Knockdown Mania! All of Cooper's attacks will knock down Ghoulies. 22 seconds
Heart of steel Invulnerability! Cooper is impervious to all attacks. 28 seconds
Shocker Shocker Blocker! All Super Scary Shocks are automatically completed. Until Cooper leaves the room
Freeze Freeze Ghoulies! Completely immobilizes all Ghoulies in the room.
SSINV-1- Invisibility! Makes Cooper completely invisible. 20 seconds
Die! One-Hit Wonder! All of Cooper's attacks will defeat a Ghouly in a single hit.
I see bats Dizzy Reaper! Distracts the Reaper for a limited time.
Mini me Miniature Cooper! Creates a miniaturized duplicate of Cooper. 17 seconds
Da na na Challenge Complete! Completes the current challenge.

Negative Super Soups

Some Super Soups have negative effects. All of these soups have an orange ghost icon.

Image Name Effect Duration
Bad can Slow-Mo Cooper! Decreases Cooper's running and attacking speed.
Bad can Reverse Controls! The movement controls are reversed.
Bad can Energy Sapper! Cooper's energy is decreased to 1 for a limited time. N/A
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