Friendly Zombies in action

Traitors are Ghoulies that have betrayed their ghouly brethren and as a result have turned their aggression towards them and not Cooper, becoming friendly. Traitors are distinguished by a smiley icon hovering over their heads where their Energy icon should be. Traitors will rampage through any ghouly in the room it comes across. Once all rivals have been dealt with, the traitor will go after Cooper (represented by their health icon flashing back and forth from a question mark). Cooper can temporarily cause all Ghoulies in the area to become traitors with the Traitor Fever! Super Soups.

Instances of Friendly Ghoulies

Chapter 2

  • Lighthouse Living Room (first visit): In a scripted cutscene, 2 Zombies have a dispute over a game of cards when one accuses the other of cheating. This is when the concept of traitors is introduced.
  • Boathouse (second visit): If Cooper breaks one of the barrels, three friendly Imps will be released and assist him in defeating the Hunchback.
  • Dining Room: If Cooper starts attacking the Captain, the 3 Skeletons guarding him will mutiny.
  • Embassy Ballroom (second visit): If Cooper smashes one of the speakers, a friendly Ancient Mummy will defeat all the dancing Skeletons and Zombies on the dance floor.
  • Freezer: There are 2 friendly Zombie Pirates and 2 friendly Ancient Mummies located in the steel refrigerators.
  • Walled Garden: A team of 4 skeletons will assist Cooper if he defeats the Zombie Pirate commanding them.
  • Study: 3 friendly Imps can be freed by breaking the Rare vases.

Chapter 3

  • Upper Corridor: The room contains 8 friendly Mummies beating each other by the Door. This risks the occurrence of Fainting if Cooper doesn't managed to weave through them without a scratch.
  • Infirmary: A friendly Jessie and Clyde can be released by breaking the steel cabinet closest to the starting door.
  • Dunfiddlin Cottage Garden (first visit): 2 friendly Zombies will immediately enter combat with eachother just as Cooper enters the location.
  • Garbage Yard: A friendly Mummy will realize itself once The Reaper is summoned.
  • Laundry: A friendly Jessie and Clyde can be released by breaking the clothes basket next to the starting door.
  • Servant's Bathroom: Friendly Skeletons and Zombie Pirates will fight The Reaper if Cooper releases them by defeating Haunted Coata.
  • Experiments Chamber (second visit): 4 friendly Ninja Imps will fight the Skeletons inside if released from the machine next to the starting door.

Chapter 5

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