I believe by organising and structuring Ghoulipedia we can make it not only a good source of Ghouly imformation but the best source.

I don't want to sound all commando but I think a wiki with properly shaped pages can be clear to any one who sees them.


Ghoulies should have:

  • Name (obvisiously but in a singular form not a plural)
  • First Appearance (what room? what visit? what chapter?)
  • Description of Appearance (should be sectioned)
  • Heart Point Amount
  • Order of first encounter compared to other ghoulies (This is the seventh ghouly encountered)
  • Behaviour section
  • Attacks (in Behaviour)
  • What Heart Point damage does their attacks do.
  • Any extra behaviours (do they dance?)
  • Theme Music (if any)
  • Trivia (any extra imformation)

I've recently put Infoboxes for the Ghouly pages, so basically they should just be a summary of the page and the Ghouly. They should include:

  • Heart Points:
  • Damage (Attack1 or Attack2, they should have the amount in "{number} pts")
  • Chapters appeared in
  • Scene Count (Basically a Number of all scenes they appeared in).


  • First Appearance
  • Description
  • Story
  • Bonus Challenges
  • Trivia