Vampire Chicken
Vampire Chicken.jpg
Basic Information
First Appearance Chicken Shed
Final Appearance Walled Garden (second visit)
Chapter(s) 2, 3 & 5
Scene Count 9
Icon VampireChickenICON.png
Combat Statistics
SmallHeart.pngEnergy 20
LimitedAttacksICON.pngDamage -4pts (by charging)
-2pts (by biting)
No. of Hits Before Knock-Down 1
Weaknesses Ol' Edna
Temporary Invincibility None

Vampire Chickens are a breed of ghouly that are first encountered in the Chicken Shed in Chapter 2. They have 20 Energy and are the fifteenth ghouly encountered in the game. 


Vampire Chickens appear as hens with green eyes, red feathers and two fangs sticking out of their upper beak.


Vampire Chickens start out as normal brown chickens that remain non-hostile and nonreactive towards Cooper while engaging in normal behavioural activities such as walk around and eating grain off the floor. But when provoked, they transform into Vampire Chickens. They do this by first feeling sad at the fact that they can't fly and then concealing themselves in a large, self-made egg, and after a few seconds, the egg breaks and out comes a Vampire chicken. Vampire Chickens show a more enthusiastic mood than their previous forms as they gladly cheer with their wings out before initiating in combat as well as doing back flips along with their harsh sounding voices topping off their cheerfully sadistic nature, while still retaining some traces of their primitive nature by pecking the floor when not in combat.

Vampire Chickens have two types of attack. The first attacks allows the chicken to become airborne and while in the air, project itself towards Cooper, decreasing 4 Heart Points if it hits him. This attack is only used in the Vampire Chickens first appearance in the Chicken Shed, however they can still use this against other ghoulies under the influence of Traitor Fever!

A chicken before becoming a vampire.

The second attack has the chicken hopping on top of Cooper's head and biting him. This attack is similar to the Imps ability to jump on Cooper's head, except Vampire Chickens immediately jump off after biting him while Imps continue to stay and bite unless he shakes it off.

Being vampires, these ghoulies need Ol' Edna to be defeated and it only takes one shot even though they have 20 Heart Points because O' Edna can do 20 points worth of damage to any vampire while only doing 5 Heart Points to normal ghoulies.

Room Encounters

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 5

Theme Music

Vampire Chickens have their own theme music that is played three times in the game during challenges. First in the chicken shed, second in the first visit to the Greenhouse and third in the second visit to the Woodshed.


Grabbed by the Ghoulies Music Vampire Chickens

Vampire Chicken theme music


  • Vampire Chickens sound and look a lot like Kazooie from Banjo-Kazooie.
  • They also bear a close resemblance to Heggy from Banjo-Tooie.
  • When a brown chicken dies, it melts into a green inprint in the ground (that most ghouly breeds do), suggesting they aren't normal animals but created by Dr. Krackpot to become vampire chickens or hatch special eggs.
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