Basic Information
First Appearance Dunfiddlin Cottage Garden (second visit)
Final Appearance Conservatory (second visit)
Chapter(s) 3-5
Scene Count 10
Icon WormICON.png
Combat Statistics
SmallHeart.pngEnergy 15
LimitedAttacksICON.pngDamage -7pts
No. of Hits Before Knock-Down Cannot be knocked down by basic combat
Weaknesses None
Temporary Invincibility When turning into a bomb

Worms are a breed of ghouly first encountered in the second visit to Dunfiddlin Cottage Garden. Worms have 15 Energy and are the twenty first to twenty second ghouly encountered in the game as well as the last.


Worms resemble large punk worms. They have two orange eyes with black pupils, white-pinkish skin and a mouth with teeth on the upper jaw.


Worms are a unique type of Ghouly. They will crawl around on their backs harmlessly, but if they are either attacked or even approached, they will turn themselves into ticking time bombs, with only 5 seconds until they explode. They do this by growing larger and standing up on their tail, hopping with a number on their head displaying the time they have left. They will then hop towards Cooper until they explode. If Cooper is standing still, then they would just stay there hopping on the spot.


Cooper can knock them back so that they explode away from him, however, they would just get up and hop back to him so it's best to hit them when they are at around 2-3 seconds left so they don't catch up as there faster than Cooper is. When exploding, they burst into a huge orange sphere with a proximity that would destroy any scenery and injure any individual if they were standing around 1-3 feet close to that worm. If Cooper is in the proximity of their explosion, he will be blown back and injured by 7 Heart Points.

Worms can also be killed without exploding. If Cooper shoots them with the Exploding Soda Pop Gun or throws a Throwable Weapon, they will die like other Ghoulies by disintegrating into a green imprint on the floor or ground, however, if any assault put to them that doesn't decrease them all of their Heart Points in one go, they will be able to turn into a bomb, as after doing so Heart Points will no longer become a factor. When a Worm explodes, it doesn't count as a kill for Cooper, but simply as suicide on its part.

Room Encounters

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

  • Conservatory

Theme Music


Worms - Grabbed by the Ghoulies Soundtrack

Worms have their own theme music during challenges. Their theme music is played twice in the game: first in the second visit in the Dunffiddlin's Cottage Garden and second in the second visit in the Conservatory.


  • Two Worms are featured in the Chapter 3 title card.
  • Worms are the only Ghouly introduced in Chapter 3 to appear in any Chapter beyond that.
  • Even though a Worms explosion only does 7 Heart Points worth of damage to Cooper, any Ghouly caught in the blast will lose 10 energy.
  • Worms are the last new type of Ghouly to be discovered.
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