Ye Olde Archives is a room in Ghoulhaven Hall. As its names states, it's a large room with huge shelves containing old books and volumes. It has three doors that leads to the Grand Hallway, the Basement and the Cellar. It is the location of a crucial point in the first half of the game.

First Visit: Chapter 1, Scene 11

In a Storybook cutscene, Cooper's journey to find and rescue Amber ends here when Crivens unties her. Just as the young couple embrace, Dr. Krackpot enters the room and transforms Amber into a Ghouly, it then cuts out of the cutscene to the game as Amber looks back at Cooper, startling him with her face and causing a Super Scary Shock. When/if Cooper manages to overcome it, the door to the Cellar will open with two Skeletons.

Cooper is given 5 Heart Points a the start of the room and the Bonus Book is sitting on top of the cardboard box sitting up against the shelve next to the Cellar door.

Second Visit: Chapter 2, Scene 40

Starting with another Storybook cutscene Cooper enters the Archives with the antidote to turn Amber human again, however, Ma Soupswill releases she put a bad ingredient in the mixture, making Amber turn into an even larger, more dangerous ghouly which Cooper must fight. The level starts just she is fully turned, she will cheer with her fists in the air and turn red for the first few seconds (making her invincible). She also has 100 Heart Points and can do 5-10 Heart Points worth of damage. After the battle, Ma Soupswill enters the room and throws the right antidote at Amber's face, making her human. The couple then embrace again and Ma Soupswill says it's time to leave the house.

Cooper is given 50 Heart Points and the Bonus Book is inside the crate to the left of the Cellar door.


  • When the Skeletons arrive they will attack Amber instead of Cooper.
  • Amber spends the whole of Chapter 2 in this room.
  • After defeating Amber, the level will immediately end with and a cutscene will play, making it hard for people who want to find the book on the first run.
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